Top Tips And Tricks For Google Play

Top Tips And Tricks For Google Play

If you are not using a forked version of Android, you most likely use Google Play Store daily. Whether you want to get a new application, search for one or want to upgrade a current application, you will do that via Google Play Store. However, after you search for an application, the searched text remains in Google Play Store’s history. What you don’t know is that you can delete the search history, manage the automatic updates, add a password to your Google Play account and many more.

Here are a few the tips and tricks that you can do on Google Play

Installing an application that’s not available in your country

We’re pretty sure that you’ve encountered this problem before. This happens if the application is not official available in your region or country. However, you can trick the Google Play Store by using a VPN and connecting with an IP that is from another country, where the application is available.

If you don’t want to use a VPN, you can just get the APK file directly from the Google Play Store and install it. Just make sure the “Unknown sources” are checked off, so that you can install APK files. To enable Unknown Sources, go to Settings->Applications and check Unknown Sources. Keep in mind that by doing this, you put yourself in a big risk, as you can download and install malwares on your Android device.

Android Device Manager

In case you lost your Android, or worst, it has been stolen from you, then by using the Android Device Manager, you can locate it. This is a great feature, but unfortunately it doesn’t come enabled by default. Once you enable it, you will be able to locate your device and even lock it.

Parental locks and restrictions

If your kids usually play from your device, then you should try to restrict what they can access and what they are not allowed to access. As we know, some web pages and some games from Google Play Stores should never land in your child’s hands.

You can use an application such as Kid Mode, which optimizes the device for your children so that they can play their favorite games, but still be limited to specific applications and features of the device. They won’t be able to make calls, send emails, or chat using other applications.

Try a paid application and get your money back

You can try out applications and still get your money back. There are two ways on getting a refund for a paid application that you don’t want anymore on your device. By using the 15 minute grace period, you will be instantly refunded the money you’ve spent or you can use the 48 hours grace period, which may take a bit of time until your account will be charged back with the money you’ve paid for the application.