Misfit Phase – A New Smart Watch Player

Watch enthusiasts have a tendency to prefer analog watches over digital ones. It is not difficult to imagine why this is when we are made to admire the workmanship and craft that goes into the classic analog watch that lies on the higher end of the quality spectrum. This remains true even when there are very stylish and high precision digital watches in the market. So it is not a matter of quality alone, but just the elegance that the device itself represents, the class it affords to its user through it’s sober yet highly aristocratic feel.

Things changed a bit when smart watches entered the playfield, for these were not just a new device with a different feel and presentation characteristics. We were talking about the future when smart watches came into the conversation. They were meant to blend several different functions into the classic watch. Many took this to mean that we would now be wearing a computer on our wrists, which is, technically speaking, correct, but it does not do justice to the way the elegance and feel of the watch is perceived in the human mind. Classical watch enthusiasts were divided, for being technology enthusiasts, they also wanted the new features, but they did not want to forgo the quality and elegance that came with the analogue watch.

Misfit Phase by the Fossil company, brings the two worlds together: the future of watches can now remain in the safe hands of those who appreciate and know the artcraft of the classic analogue watch. The Misfit Phase is designed so that the user does not feel or think that he is indeed wearing a smart watch, yet it is designed with all the capabilities that a standard smart watch would be able to deliver. This is where it gets interesting, because the Misfit Phase does not have the typical digital screen interface that would allow for a wide variety of symbol representations. It relies entirely on what can be expressed through the different positions of the hour and minute hands —even going to the point of assigning caller identifications and contacts through their positioning. The only other way of communication that this wonderful smart watch provides lies in a little dot that changes color in order to provide further notifications. The details of this will be left to the user to explore but the idea in itself is incredibly interesting and certainly innovative.