Why You Should Consider Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation has been around for several decades in terms of simple appliance control and lighting. However, only rich people were able to automate their homes in the past. But now, more and more people are embracing the idea of smart homes, thanks to modern technology that has made home control systems more affordable and simpler. So, what exactly is home automation? Why do you need it? Find out the answers to these questions in this in-depth overview, if you want to read more about home automation Interior Design Toronto has great content for you.

What It Is

In simple terms, smart home automation is automating the control of your home to make life easier and more convenient for you. This can be as simple as opening your garage door or switching on the lights in your home with a remote control. Or it can be as complex as connecting all the appliances and devices in your home (like security system, thermostat, and lighting among others) to a central system that automates them based on your input. This allows you to control every aspect of your home from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Why You Need It

So, why is home automation so important? Let’s find out some of its benefits below:


Keeping your home safe is easier with the modern home automation systems. Security systems like smart smoke alarms, connected motion sensors and Wi-Fi-enabled cameras allow you to monitor your home 24/7 via text alerts, live video feed and emails. And if you are worried about your home keys ending up in the wrong hands, you can have automated locking systems (keyless entry systems) professionally installed to increase your home’s security.

Senior Independence

Home automation systems like voice activated alert systems and audible reminders can help seniors live more independently. Additionally, Wi-Fi connected cameras that have 2-way communication can help you keep an eye on your elderly loved ones when you’re unable to check on them physically.


Automated systems like smart sensors also help to prevent accidents in your home by detecting humidity levels, water leaks, motion, carbon monoxide, heat and other concerns and communicating directly with you wherever you are.


Opening your door, having your stereo system play your favorite song and turning on the lights as you approach home, are just a few of the luxuries of having a smart home. But that’s not all, smart locks will let you grant access to some people in your home when you are not around or don’t have time to stay home. All they need is the right code.

Energy Efficiency

Home automation also allows you to run your home more efficiently. For instance, you can turn off your air conditioning system remotely when nobody is around. This can go a long way to save you lots of energy and money in the long run.

Automate your home today and enjoy increased security, convenience, safety, energy efficiency and so much more.

All You Need To Know About PS VR

After several months of patiently waiting, Sony finally released the PlayStation VR (popularly known as PS VR). The PS VR can essentially be described as a virtual-reality head-mounted display or HMD which needs the PlayStation 4. It is characterized by a 3D stereoscopic display that has optics incorporated into it to allow users to directly place the screen in front of their eyes. In addition, it has with a convenient head-tracking system which serves to simulate positional awareness and depth all in a virtual environment.

What virtual reality is like Generally, what PS VR attempts to do is to immerse the user in a virtual environment so as to give them the feeling that they are at different places with their body. The feeling is popularly referred to as feeling presence by virtual reality enthusiasts.

It has an AMD graphics processor that can easily handle 3D processing. It has a display of 1920 1080 but it does not support 4k output. It also does not have HDR features.

When in use, the headphones should be plugged directly to the headset so as to utilize binaural 3D audio. This effectively makes the user feel like sound is hitting their ears from all directions. This is what makes everything to seem more real.

The PS VR comes together with stereo headphones, necessary cables such a USB cable and power cable, a headset and a breakout box that is inclusive of a demonstration disc which has a compilation of free PS VR demos and HDMI splitter.

Other than the obvious requirement of PlayStation 4, the user will require the PlayStation Camera from Sony to receive the full experience. Another requirement is the PlayStation Move Controllers that enable tracking of the position of a user’s hand when used together with the PlayStation Camera. This allows a user to pick up virtual objects and play with them. Lastly, there is an Aim Controller that is shaped like a gun. It should be noted that the standard DualShock 4 pad is still relevant with the PS VR.  The PlayStation VR was released on the 13th of October 2016.

PS VR will retail at only $399 and buyers will be able to freely download Playroom VR.
Games The PlayStation VR will have games like Batman Arkham VR, Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission and Resident Evil VII Biohazard.

The above insightful information is what all PlayStation enthusiasts should know about PS VR. It ia definately somethnig that playstation lovers will love to have and enjoy the great features.

Delve into the New Era of Music Systems by Purchasing Boombotix with SoundHound Assistant

The world is dependent on artificial intelligence and now it about time that music systems and speakers became a part of this new era. And cool news came from SoundHound and Boombotix that have answered this call and have joined hands to build the first natural speaker where you can request your favorite song and it will play it.

Just like Siri in iPhone, all you need to do is tell “OK Hound, play something romantic”. It is time now to know more about this new generation speaker and how you can “Hound-ify” everything.

What is Houndify?

Boombotix smart speaker with SoundHound assistant has created audio speakers which will be played via voice command and regulated by artificial intelligence. However, voice recognition and artificial intelligence are nothing new as many smartphones and tablets have already installed this in their system.

Houndify acts like a virtual assistant that will help you play songs according to your mood. The techs are so advanced that you do need to specify a particular song to play; you just need to hint at the genre and the rest of it will be taken care of.

Primary technology used by Hound:

It will bemuse you that a sound system includes the World’s fastest Automatic speech recognition, unparalleled Natural Language Understanding and the swiftest software development kits. It is amazing to see such resources being put to use and create such a marvel.

Primary technology and specs used by Boombotix:

Boombotix stands out to be the leading producer of portable speakers and it has kept its forte and features a portable speaker that will be approximately the size of a clenched fist. A two-way communicating device, powered by a 10-watt subwoofer, a battery recharging point along with astounding music clarity.

It will be bolstered by noise-cancellation microphones and hands-free tech. With the help of Houndify, it will not only play music and songs; weather updates, match reports, search engine and day-to-day chores can be managed using this beast.

Powered by Houndify speech-to-meaning technology which is their trademark innovation; the interaction will be made as simple as possible.

It is set to release during the last quarter of 2017 and you can preorder it on Kickstarter. Boombotix is scheduled to ship it after the official launch. To get accustomed to the technology, log in to Houndify.com and download a free Hound-voice search assistant app in your iOS store.

Due to such advanced technology and user-friendly specs, the price is expected to be a north of $400. Though it is expected to come down a bit but this is surely something that you should treasure.