How to Make Free Phone Calls

With the rising costs of living in today’s world forcing many people to cut on their bills and watch their dollars more closely, it is quite refreshing to know that one can now make phone calls absolutely for free without any catches or hidden charges at all. It is quite obvious that having a telephone or access to a phone, is more of a necessity today than a luxury even for young children. The revolutionary KNCTR now provides everyone with the power and ability to call any cell phone or land line in the USA and Canada absolutely for free, from any computer with an internet connection.

When Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones started making their debut in the market, it was definite that there was a dire need to get cheaper ways of making phone calls as the current costs were very exorbitant and prohibitive indeed. Apart from being a premier social entertainment platform for any computer or desktop, KNCTR offers free phone calls in the USA and Canada without any cost at all to anyone using the software. There can never be any price cheaper than free, and this is really a great cost-cutting and money-saving solution to people of all age groups and walks of life.

For optimum performance, one will need to download and install the latest version of KNCTR from, and this only takes no time at all. After successfully installing KNCTR, one will see an icon that reads, “Click Here to Activate Your Free Phone” Upon clicking this icon, the user is required to complete a short and hassle-free registration form after which they have to click the icon that reads, “Activate Now.” At this point, one is ready to enter any 10-digit cell phone or land line (No +1 required), press the “TALK” button and call their loved ones for as long as they like. Use KNCTR and never will you have to pay another cent for this type of phone calls.