All You Need To Know About PS VR

After several months of patiently waiting, Sony finally released the PlayStation VR (popularly known as PS VR). The PS VR can essentially be described as a virtual-reality head-mounted display or HMD which needs the PlayStation 4. It is characterized by a 3D stereoscopic display that has optics incorporated into it to allow users to directly place the screen in front of their eyes. In addition, it has with a convenient head-tracking system which serves to simulate positional awareness and depth all in a virtual environment.

What virtual reality is like Generally, what PS VR attempts to do is to immerse the user in a virtual environment so as to give them the feeling that they are at different places with their body. The feeling is popularly referred to as feeling presence by virtual reality enthusiasts.

It has an AMD graphics processor that can easily handle 3D processing. It has a display of 1920 1080 but it does not support 4k output. It also does not have HDR features.

When in use, the headphones should be plugged directly to the headset so as to utilize binaural 3D audio. This effectively makes the user feel like sound is hitting their ears from all directions. This is what makes everything to seem more real.

The PS VR comes together with stereo headphones, necessary cables such a USB cable and power cable, a headset and a breakout box that is inclusive of a demonstration disc which has a compilation of free PS VR demos and HDMI splitter.

Other than the obvious requirement of PlayStation 4, the user will require the PlayStation Camera from Sony to receive the full experience. Another requirement is the PlayStation Move Controllers that enable tracking of the position of a user’s hand when used together with the PlayStation Camera. This allows a user to pick up virtual objects and play with them. Lastly, there is an Aim Controller that is shaped like a gun. It should be noted that the standard DualShock 4 pad is still relevant with the PS VR. ┬áThe PlayStation VR was released on the 13th of October 2016.

PS VR will retail at only $399 and buyers will be able to freely download Playroom VR.
Games The PlayStation VR will have games like Batman Arkham VR, Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission and Resident Evil VII Biohazard.

The above insightful information is what all PlayStation enthusiasts should know about PS VR. It ia definately somethnig that playstation lovers will love to have and enjoy the great features.